Monday, October 31, 2005

Enron in Training?

Through the goodness of my husband's heart, I found myself volunteered this evening to hand out candy in the lobby of my building. Having lived in the city for a number of years in apartments that didn't lend themselves to small children, this was my first face-to-face encounter with real trick-or-treaters in a number of years.

Fifteen minutes into my shift, I pondered over the predictive power of trick-or-treating behavior. When instructed to "take two or three," some kids carefully select out a few, before shyly saying "thank you." Others decide to interpret the instruction broadly, and they take two or three handfuls. Still others ignore the instruction altogether, and those tykes fill up until you actively put a stop to them. There are the kids who wait patiently in line, and those who elbow to the front. There are shy Carebears, and pushy Darth Vaders. There are even princesses who take a few choice pieces before asking "do you also have any money for hurricane relief?" Perhaps my favorite child though, is the small but noble enforcer. Lacking the guts to assume this role in my own childhood, I stood in awe of the cowboy who reprimanded a particularly bratty vampire with "it's not very nice to take more than everyone else, you should put it back."

I've always been a sucker for the strong kind types, which is probably why I allowed myself to be volunteered. As it is, I'll try not to be too mad at my own cowboy once he gets home.

Ms. J


Blogger Berry said...

I haven't given out candy to trick or treaters in years!

7:47 AM  
Blogger J & J said...

I know, it was bizarre. I'm still not entirely sure that it happened.

Ms. J

10:03 AM  

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