Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey Baby

As I walked home from buying groceries last night, a couple asked me out. The man initially reached out to me with a "Hello there!" I ignored him. The woman then said "Excuse me.." Since couples don't usually try to pick you up, I stopped thinking that they were tourists in need of directions. She then said "Are you free this evening for a date?" Bewildered, I shook my head in the negative and quickly shuffled off. This particular event had never happened to me before. Which is not to say that it's a totally absurd occurence in this city.

Growing up in the burbs somewhere in the middle of America, you don't generally get hit on in daily life. Bumbling along within the safety of an armored SUV, everyone pretty much minds their own business. I'm not even sure how to hit on a random-passerby in the burbs. I suppose you could roll down your window and gesticulate at them from your car? Most likely though, they would be too preoccupied with their cd changer/cell phone/GSM tracking device to notice. Either that, or they would think you were pointing out a flat.

In the city, on the other hand, getting hit on is an every day occurrence. When I first moved here, I thought myself quite the hottie. Now, I realize that it's definitely not me. I've emerged from my apartment, with eye crust and drool remnants flaking my face, and some dude will still say "hey beautiful." There are two responses to this. The first is the obvious that it's incredibly demeaning. New York men should not feel it their duty to haggle anyone without a Y chromosome. The second is that, though annoying, it's somewhat validating. Like most people, I've never been hugely confident about my looks. In some ways, it's nice to get a thumbs up, even it if is by a passing food delivery person.

All of that said, if there ever comes a day when I don't get harassed, part of me will likely welcome the triumph of not being viewed as a piece of meat. The other part of me will probably just bawl my eyes out.


Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

cool post. Getting hit on by a couple, go ahead with your bad self...

2:16 PM  
Blogger J & J said...

Thanks! I just might..

7:53 AM  
Blogger Berry said...

That's a new one...hit on by a couple!

8:59 AM  

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