Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Heart Moldova

And now, for a completely random post...

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me this link. Mr. J tells me it was all the rage a year ago. I'm a little behind the times. Like most people, I found the singing fat guy hilarious. Who says there's no real artistic content on the web?

Unlike most people though, I have since decided that this song "Dragostea Din Tei" is the BEST SONG EVER. (Or, it is this week, for my feeble attention span.) I am such a huge fan, that I managed to find a link to this:

There are a number of things that make this video a musical triumph in my mind. Firstly, there's the fact that they appear to be dancing on the wing of a plane. Second, there's the beefy anime men who last appeared as backup for the Village People. Third, and perhaps most importantly, they're singing in Romanian. My working knowledge of Romanian is currently limited to the lyrics of this song, but thus far, I like it lots.

I also find it fascinating that this group emerged from Moldova, which is apparently one of the poorest countries in Europe. Which thus leads us to the obvious question of, who discovered these people? Is there Moldovan Idol? Were these guys minding their own business in their absurdly tight clothes, speaking Romanian, when someone was like "Hey! What the world needs is Moldovan Pop!" Or, is it simply like Mark has suggested, "The music industry has a long history of taking advantage of poor countries." All very real possibilities.

In the meantime, I am starting an O-zone fan club. Knowledge of Moldova is optional, although obviously preferred.

Ms. J


Anonymous simon cowell said...

J, you need to get down with Europe (as it ever expands). This kind of thing is everywhere. Manufactured pop is a universal across the continent. Check out the eurovision song contest for a long and dark history of this. There are homegrown pop moguls and their protoges in every country. The US, although a prodigious producer, doesn't have a monopoly on teenybopperpop.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Simon is right. And J--it is even worse in Asia. Japan, Korea, and especially, the Philippines. Craziness.

6:00 PM  
Blogger K said...

Well J, you know what I say to this? Finally! I have been waiting for Moldovan pop for oh, practically my whole life! Based on your impromptu repeat playing this weekend, I have been unable to rid my mind of the song, and so, in defeat, I decided to just join the bandwagon (or airplane wing) and purchase the album on itunes. Yes, I am now the proud owner (or will be in like 55 minutes when my dial-up itunes connection completes) of the 6-version-mix of this song. Life will be good soon.

5:29 PM  

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