Friday, November 11, 2005

You Look...

It’s inevitable. You can go through your whole life well coiffed, sharply attired, and wearing an acceptable amount of make up. You’ll waltz through the city, the most presentable version of yourself, and you won’t see anyone. You won’t see family. You won’t see friends. You won’t even see the homeless guy who usually pan handles on your street.

The minute you decide to emerge from a full day of working from home, you’ll see someone. You’ll be scruffed out in sweats and a ratty t-shirt. Your eyes will have dark circles under them. Your hair will look as if you’ve traded your conditioner for lard, and you’ll smell vaguely like gym socks. You will emerge from your apartment, walk to the bodega around the corner, and you’ll see someone. More specifically, you will see an old crush from college, who you have not seen in over five years. He will look even hotter than he did in college.

You will smoothly blurt out, “You look great!” You will apologize for what a wreck you must seem. He will politely not say anything. He will laughingly comment on what a blast from the past this is, how he almost didn’t recognize you. You will privately curse yourself for not at least putting on some lip gloss before leaving the apartment.

He will be friendly and charming, mentioning that he bumped into your husband recently. Your husband who is the world to you, your husband who you adore, your husband to whom you are blissfully married to. You will deftly mumble that said husband mentioned that. You will privately think said husband forgot to mention how good Mr. X looked. He will gracefully give you an exit with a comment to your grocery bag. You will nod in acknowledgment and smilingly part ways.

You will schlep home to prepare dinner. You will wonder if Mr. X still found you attractive. It will perturb you a bit that he might not. You will call your husband to retell the story. He will laugh. You will laugh. You will decide together that dinner is at 8. He will tell you he loves you before hanging up. You will say it too.

You will start dinner, and you will put on lip gloss.

Ms. J


Blogger Berry said...

It never fails. I am beginning to understand why my mom never left the house (even to go to the store) without makeup on and something on her head. My friend who models says you need to make up at least one feature so it can be lip gloss, mascara - just so long as it looks like you put some effort into yourself. A woman's work...

7:54 PM  

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