Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yuppies for Hire (Payment Optional)

Mr. J recently went to his first "guest bartender" event. Having also attended this genre of New York party, I agreed with him that it's an absurd concept. Only in New York will people invite all their friends to watch them work for free.

Where we grew up, bartending was kind of a craptastic job. This was largely because, where we grew up, there were no real bars. The nearby large city had somewhat of a nightlife, but suburbia is not exactly a drinker's paradise. Whether it was the local Chili's or the dingy "pub" where the alcoholics hung out, the establishments had a hard time getting patrons to spend their birthdays serving up Bud Lights.

This is not the case here. In this city, we have a world of not-quite-chic bars ready to embrace the Cocktail fantasies of investment bankers and consultants alike. For shockingly no money down, these watering holes will open their doors to yuppie dreams. One need only look at the "real" bartenders glaring at their "guest" counterparts though, to realize that the whole thing is but a mirage.

To you, our dear friends who aspire to pour, we bring this reality check. For the ladies with the spaghetti tops and glittery eye shadow, you are in fact being looked at like a prime rib. For the guys with the button downs opened up, no one actually thinks this makes you blue collar. And to all those who lead us down this wayward path of the pseudo-party, we don't think we should have to tip. Our presence at this shit hole should be gift enough.

And, before you even ask, we don't want to go to your "guest stripper" party either...or at least, I don't. Mr. J might be willing to support you on that one.

Ms. J


Blogger J & J said...

What Ms. J forgets to add is that my guest bartending friend ended up having to work her "shift" until 4 in the morning.

On the plus side, I believe she managed to chat with a few of her friends for a couple minutes in between serving angry patrons who complained that the service was slow.

Mr. J

8:47 PM  
Anonymous natalie said...

okay, so whatever one says about the guest bartender, you got to hand it the bars for their business sense. i'm sure the labor is not particularly worth it to them, but the promotion potential is unparalleled! i mean, fancy lounges and clubs pay for party promoters, but some bars have apparently figured out how to do get the same thing for free - with a little service help kicked in.

9:14 AM  

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