Friday, December 02, 2005

Holiday Cheer

I’m so jaded right now.

When I moved to New York, I thought it would be a great opportunity to participate in all those holiday events you see on TV. Just in the past week, there has been the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. Being the ever eager New Yorker, I bundled up and went out for both things, only to find a much grimmer picture than the winter wonderland that Katie Couric and Dick Clark always broadcast.

For starters, while I’m not a terribly claustrophobic person, I nonetheless don’t appreciate having someone cradled up in my armpit. Unfortunately, tight bodily contact seems to be a prerequisite for these events. The Thanksgiving Parade passed uneventfully enough, though it gave new meaning to the term “Love thy neighbor.”

However, things got much worse for the Rockefeller Tree Lighting. After work, a friend and I tried to get over only to find that the police had blocked off the roads around Rockefeller center. After quite a bit of fruitless searching for an unguarded entrance, we almost gave up when a friendly police officer noticed our plight. He asked us if we wanted to see the tree lighting, and when we replied in the affirmative he asked us our age. Noting our quizzical expressions, he quickly followed up with, “Well if you’re over 21, you should try to go to one of the bars along 6th Avenue. They got TV’s set up there and you can watch the whole thing.” I think he was offended that we seemed a little under whelmed by his hot tip.

The worst part about all these events is that it seems 90% of the people at them are tourists who have no problem sitting outside all day for seats. While I always welcome visitors to this city, it nonetheless annoys me when they preclude me from enjoying it (I have to pay taxes here damnit, I feel like I should get some type of consideration). But it’s ok, since it’s the holidays I’m trying not to be bitter. In fact, come New Year’s, you’ll find me in a bar waiting for the ball to drop.

Mr. J


Anonymous Mark said...

Jaded and bitter: sounds like you're on your way to becoming a New Yorker, my friend.

5:34 PM  
Blogger J & J said...

And I used to be such a nice guy. Boy am I glad I moved here.

Mr. J

11:42 AM  

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