Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can I interest you in . . .

Before I moved to New York, every New Year’s I would watch the ball drop in Times Square. What with Dick Clark and Auld Lang Syne being my main memories, Times Square always seemed like such a warm, family-friendly place. Since moving to New York, I’ve discovered that Times Square is so family-friendly that everyone feels the need to bring their family there, and as a result it is an uncomfortably crowded mass of families. But nonetheless, I still like to believe that one can feel safe at Times Square with the kiddies.

Given this, imagine my shock this Saturday night as I was walking up 8th Ave, only a block away from Times Square, when a man came up to me and said, “Hey, you interested in any ladies? We got Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Whites, whatever you want man!” While I must admit that I was slightly impressed that affirmative action had spread to prostitution, I was rather taken aback by the boldness of this individual to approach me in such a manner. The man mistakenly took my silence as being on the purchasing fence and decided that he needed to elaborate on what services I could purchase. He then ran through quite an exhaustive list of various sexual acts and their prices, thus destroying any shred of doubt in my mind about his intentions.

Even though I ended up declining his offer that night, I strongly believe prostitution could win awards for their customer service (heck my cable company could learn a lot from them about providing the customer with a wide variety of services and pricing packages). More importantly though, I still am in shock about how this type of activity can take place so close to a tourist Mecca as Times Square. I keep wondering if this is sheer coincidence or if there is actually a reason these two activities are located right next to each other. (“Kids, why don’t you and mom take a ride on the Party Bike? Daddy’s going to go look for . . . umm, Broadway tickets . . . yeah, Broadway tickets!”) At the very least, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep a straight face the next time a visitor tells me they really want to see Times Square because they hear there’s so much to do there.

Mr. J


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. J— you’re falling prey to the evils of urban living (the kinds our mothers warned against)! First you find yourself (helplessly) perpetrating civil unrest in Boston, and now you find yourself unsavorily (and involuntarily, of course!) solicited by a sleazy pimp in Times Square. Flee the corrupting forces before they (permanently, rather than temporarily, that is) besmirch your soul !!


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