Wednesday, March 08, 2006


One thing that Mr. J and I share, other than our father’s truly unfortunate nose, and our mother’s cheery disposition—is an unhealthy passion for blockbuster movies based on comic books.

Ever on the alert, Mr. J spotted earlier in the week a new trailer for this summer’s X-Men III. We both immediately watched it, and we’ve since been engaged in a rapid-fire e-mail dialogue. We’ve debated the relative coolness of Angel, a mutant curiously blessed with a giant set of feathery wings. (In my book, any multimillionaire super hero is automatically cool. Mr. J argues that wings are lame, regardless of the dude’s day job.) We’ve pondered over who the bald kid in the preview is. (Leech.) And, we’ve come to unanimous agreement that the movie adaptation really screwed Rogue. (As Mr. J points out, in the comic books she could fly. In the movies, the only thing her super powers do is prevent her from getting any ass.)

We’ve also taken the time to consider some more serious theoretical questions, namely, what would we do if we were mutants? Would we feel compelled to fight crime? Or, would we be just as happy to use our telekinetic and flight ability to clean our apartments and beat the morning rush? How would we feel if one of us was mutant, but the other wasn’t? Would the non-mutant feel inadequate? I felt inadequate when Mr. J won the elementary school science fair, how much worse would it be if he could freeze things with his bare hands? Would the mutant sibling be understanding of the other one, or would they just shoot laser beams at him/her?

These are all important questions that will sadly have to go unanswered. Until one of us develops a super hero ability, we’re just going to have to resign ourselves to discussions in the abstract. In the meantime, we’re each crossing our fingers that we’ll be the one to discover the hitherto dormant abilities. Neither of us wants to be the one getting laser beamed.

Ms. J


Anonymous Mark said...

If either of you ever develop mutant powers, I will immediately report you to the authorities. Like the good Senator in X Men 1, I believe that mutants need to be destroyed! Who's with me?!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Mr.J mentioned all this "unpredictable free time" and "solitary activities". Perhaps he has already accepted the super hero lifestyle and decided not to tell Mrs.J for fear that he may have to laser beam her. I think Mr.J never actually went to MoMa by himself, he was actually on patrol waiting to set upon some brigand with his Cherenkov radiation vision or his all too mysterious ability to Bose-Einstein condensate his foes......
Yeah, well it is just a theory...

-soon to be Dr.I

10:20 PM  
Blogger Berry said...

Abadoned again :-( Hope you guys are out enjoying the spring weather.

1:17 PM  

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